Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Surprise Surprise

The boys surprised me left, right and centre today.
Firstly the train track has started making a reappearance, this time round initiated by Pumpkin. The cars in the middle are the car park.

This was followed by a trip to Fisher's Farm where we met with friends and fellow home ed family. Surprise number two was the boys insistence that they wanted to stay out in the rain, probably because there was so many exciting things for them to do but normally one or other or both of them gets cold/ wet/ weather worn very quickly especially in the constant damp drizzle rain we were out in today. Pumpkin was in fact saturated on his lower half having jumped through numerous puddles and gone down a very wet slide, he even got a hole in his sock!

The boys are very close and tend to do everything together, even eat the same cereal for breakfast, but not today, surprise number three. Pumpkin decided he would like to do the pony ride and Bean chose to watch. Pumpkin even got on after watching the previous child (of similar age) get shaken about as the horse sneezed and ended up lying across it sideways waiting for assistance. I thought this would put him off but he rode twice.

And lastly the boys both thoroughly enjoyed the bug ride in which they get pulled around in individual carts, bumping all over the place. I honestly thought there would be tears from at least one of them especially as I didn't go on with them and they had to ride solo but they both loved it. Pumpkin was very disappointed that he couldn't ride again.

The indoor play area was our respite from the rain and thanks to our friend's children being so keen to play indoors it persuaded my two to do the same. They had a great time and are very keen to revisit.

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