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Our Tribe

Friday, 25 May 2012

Oh, I do Like to be Beside the Seaside

We started our day early and had bacon and eggs for breakfast. The boys mostly sat and listened to the new CD Bean ordered for his birthday whilst I packed a picnic and did the laundry before we headed off to the beach. They also spent some time playing around on Google maps as I had it on to get directions for today's adventures.

I love car journeys with my boys. Bean is full of chatter and questions. Today he wanted us to work out how we were going to share the jubilee cheesecake we are planning on making with the Queen and is most perplexed as to why people will be celebrating if we are not invited to Buckingham Palace, and who is invited? He also wanted to know the name of every village and town we drove through and who lives there. There were some real areas of beauty on our way to the beach as we have to drive over the south downs and on more than one occasion he exclaimed 'Wow' or 'that's pretty' or 'it's beautiful here.'

Today was definitely one of those days when you think there really is no need to holiday anywhere else, we have it all here. The beach was beautiful and sunny and cool. Our friends have the perfect spot, close to all the amenities, the sea, a shady play spot in the trees. It was perfect. The boys played in the sea for hours, although Pumpkin did express at the end of the day that he didn't like getting wet. They were far more courageous than they have ever been before: jumping over the coming waves; having races into the sea; sitting down with their backs to the sea and being pushed by the coming tide; Bean even went under at one point and it didn't phase him at all, he just laughed.

They also spent a long time playing in the enclosed small shady tree spot and I even spied some more climbing going on. There were a few attempts at sandcastles but the sand was too dry.

Plum refused to sleep all day, although she did dose off a couple of times as I was feeding her. One sleep was rudely interrupted after about 3 minutes as the wind blew the picnic bag on top of her. She finally gave in about 4pm and slept for about half an hour. She was perfectly happy most of the time but her demeanour changed for the better when I took her with me to the toilet block with Pumpkin. Maybe the combination of wind, sun and sand was a little over whelming for her.

The car journey home consisted of a massive game of I-spy. In which I  realised that Bean's understanding of initial sounds is progressing dramatically and Pumpkin still insists that every time it's his turn he spies 'something beginning with D' and it's always a dingo!

The only real downside was, even after three applications of factor 50 sun cream, I burnt my feet and legs. The boys were fine. 

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