Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Can we build it?

The day began with daddy and Bean going out to the men's breakfast at church. Pumpkin and I stayed at home and made our own special pancakes for breakfast. He really enjoyed the mixing and of course the eating.
We hosted a couple more smalls today, our God daughter and her brother, similar ages to Bean and Pumpkin. It intriged me how the introduction of two more adventurous brains turns the direction of a favourite toy. The cardboard boxes became a house and a boat with trailer but today they also had bear and a book for the journey and were selotaped together, all because there were extra smalls involved.
I was explaining to J that Bean loved to build things and as if he had heard me he set about building throughout the house, lego here, wooden blocks there, cardboard boxes in the garden, bricks in the doorway, bedding upstairs.
I had some 1:1 time with Pumpkin this morning. I went out to buy suncream recommended to be by fav auntie #1 and he opted to come with me. I let him sit in the front of the car and we had the window wide open and he choose the music. A very special time and we should try to do it more often.

Other highlights today included: painting the patio and toys, using a variety of brushes and mops, with water; Bean chalking a hop scotch on the floor complete with numbers 1, 2, 3 (he's never written numbers before); more paddling in the paddling pool; and a lot of sword fighting.

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