Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

I don't speak monkey

Hibernation is setting in. There is less desire and motivation all around to go out, and when we do it is for shorter periods of time.

We made it to the skatepark, at bean's, 10, request on friday, followed by the play park, where we bumped into a fellow HE friend. Bean would like to go back again next week. All four took their bikes and all four rode them. It won't be long (a year??) Before i could take my bike too and we can all ride together. The ran and slid up and down the ramps and rode their bikes down and a little up the ramps. We watched some people doing tricks on bmx bikes (one did a backward somersault­čś»)

Bean and i spent all of saturday looking at houses. We travelled all over west sussex, beginning in shoreham on a house boat and ending in kirdforf at a cottage. The decision has been made and the deed has been done. We came home and got a take away and had a family film night.

Sunday was church day and rest day, both bean and i were exhausted.

Monday we had our friend T to play for the afternoon and tuesday was an At Home Day.

There has been a lot of gun orientated games, nerf wars, shooting games, prisoner games, tying up games mostly we have been watching films.

Pete's Dragon,
A series of Unfortunate events,
The Cat in the Hat,
Dorethy's return to Oz,
And others
Some of them we have watched twice.

And something completely unexpected happened and caused great excitement and a moment of joy and wonder. Two of the films, completely unrelated, share the line: 'i don't speak monkey.'

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