Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Thursday, 3 May 2012

It's a family affair

Family are such an important part of our life. Relationships and securing those relationships is vital to our health and effects well into adult life. It affects our interaction in society too. Our family relationships are the building blocks for future ones too.
This past week we have visited all our close family starting with favourite aunties 1 and 2, cousin b and uncle b. Here we spent a relaxed day going to the park, making chocolate easter nests and laughing at dropped jam tarts...sounds sticky!

This trip was followed 2 sleeps later with a trip to nana and grandad's to celebrate nana's birthday with favourite auntie no.3 and byfg, and cousin j. We stayed the night which we haven't done for a while and for Plum's first sleepover it went very well. Bean and Pumpkin got crafty and both made beautiful pirate pictures for cousin c.

One sleep later we are at grandma and pops. Hopefully playing in the new forest. Bean is going to stay a few days on his own.

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