Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Runaway Train (and other steam powered vehicles)

Saturday 9th June

A slightly unusual day today as daddy and I went our separate ways and split the children between us. I went off to spend the day with our church family, taking Bean and Plum with me and daddy headed off with Pumpkin.

I mostly spent the day with the adults from our church family and Bean headed off to the children's group. It was one large group today with Bean being the youngest member up to the 16 year old girls. He settled into the group very quickly (obviously knowing all the others from church) and was keen for me to leave him there. I think I was probably more nervous than he was. The great thing about a group like this is that it is not age defined (one older boy waited when the group went off so that he could take Bean with him,) there is the freedom to join in with what you want to and not participate in the things you don't want to (unlike school) and that if he had wanted he could have left the group completely and come and found me (that's more than one thing, isn't it?)

I did go swimming with him however in the lovely outdoor pool. Plum had just fed so she sat pool side wrapped up in someone's fleece in the arms of friends being blown by the cold breeze whilst Bean and I played around the shallow end (about 1m deep.) He was really very confident and loved the time we had in the pool.

Pumpkin spent the day with daddy, requesting a swim too when he saw me packing our swim things and after spending over an our at the Pavilions, jumped on a train down to Amberley Museum to enjoy the steam day. Which, according to daddy, he enjoyed very much.

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