Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Friday, 22 June 2012

Please forgive me if I act a little strange

Wednesday 20th June 

 After dropping of Km we stopped by the supermarket to buy a few overlooked things from our delivery shopping and i was reminded why i don't go shopping with all three in tow! We did have a great time at the fish counter though and the assisstant was very good at explaining about all the different fish to Pumpkin who was fasinated. Bean spied some flowers on the way in and suggested we buy some for daddy's birthday. We are ones to watch the pennies but who am i to stop the thoughtful and generous of spirit? He selected a very beautiful display of begonias. 

 I'm feeling like we're having quite a low key week this week, mostly seeing friends and not too much pootling about. This morning w event to Horsham park again to meet a home ed family who we have not met before. It was an interesting time to watch the children get to know each other. I'm noticing more and more that when we meet up with others Bean is off playing withy the other children and Pumpkin becomes left behind and often not through choice. It is sometimes upsetting to watch as Bean and Pumpkin play with each other all the time happily and willingly, it is sad to see Bean leave Pumpkin behind. It is not always like this and often Pimpkin is able to join in too but becomes despondent when he is running around last and he is so used to having his brother next to him. 

 The afternoon was spent with friends too. Brothers of a similar age to Bean and Pumpkin came to our house to play. The played amazingly well together and it was a real joy to watch. The disappeared upstairs and into the garden playing a pirate game and just generally being boys jumping and running around. We also enjoyed banana muffins and oat biscuits with tea and good chat for the mummy's. 
 We played a marathon game of snakes and ladders after tea whilst waiting for daddy to come home. It was an attempt to calm the boys and give them a focus but it failed miserably. pumpkin was once again too tired to concentrate but was also refusing sleep. Grrrrr. 

On daddy's return from work we sang happy birthday and opened presents and ate raspberry muffins. Special times.

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