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Our Tribe

Friday, 22 June 2012

Five little ducks

Tuesday 19th June 
 A day of sunshine led to some water play. The ducks were put onto their own private ponds and given some greenery to eat picked fresh from the garden. It is days like these that I wish we had been able to spend more time growing things in the garden this year. We haven't even managed to plant out the six or so seedlings that our neighbour gave us. A mixture of the weather and having Plum have really prevented us this year and it makes me sad because I love planting and growing and harvesting our our crop (hence the title of our blog.)  
Bean spent some considerable time today working out how to make a windsurf using his feather as the sail. He tried twigs and sticks of various sizes but couldn't get the feather to stay in. As it happened I was cooking with wine today and had a cork lying around the kitchen. He found it and asked me what it was and asked me if it would float. We went to try it out. Success! He was able to push the feather into it and even add a Lego man. He spent a long time playing with it in the sink. The Lego man made it fall over but this is normal in windsurfing so it didn't bother Bean. 
 The boys have been busy setting up a camp under the slide. It changes moment to moment what it is but can be bunk beds or a tent or a horse or rock climbing. Pumpkin helped me cut the oregano ready for drying. He was very good at it and even spotted when the plants intertwined were not oregano (mostly bindweed...boo) 
 It is daddy's birthday tomorrow and Bean requested that we make him raspberry muffins. He was so excited to make them himself and is really managing with all the stirring and mixing and the two spoon game where he transfers it from the bowl to the muffin tin. 

Pumpkin is fighting sleep at the moment and this causes some wild and upsetting times in the afternoon and a difficult bedtime. Largely he wants me to bath him and read with him and put him to bed but it often co-incides with Plum going to bed and as he is soooooo tired he isn't in a frame of mind to wait or wait quietly. This obviously means that Plum finds it hard to go to sleep too as there can be a lot of noise. Tiring times. 

 Plum has been enjoyed her food trials with apricot, peach, porridge, apple, banana, cucumber, tomato. Although she tends to enjoy the cutlery and crockery more than the food!

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