Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Rain on the rooftops

Not the day we'd planned (outing into the New Forest, farmer's market, maybe a picnic.) Mainly due to the rain that poured all day and the fact that I hadn't packed any form of waterproofs we had a crafty day with grandma instead.. Bean spending a mammoth one and a half hours colouring in pictures and drawing with stencils. He drew a circus picture and fish under the sea. Pumpkin attributing a nursery rhyme to every picture in the colouring book no matter how tentative the link! 
Grandma and daddy spent some time winding wool around circular card in an attempt to make a bird. Simething Bean started a while ago but I got confused at the instructions and we had a good think about who could help us when cousin B turned up with one he'd made at grandma's...perfect!

Pops and Pumpkin did a lot of puzzles together, in fact, Pumpkin had a very puzzley day.
Bean enjoyed emptying grandma's games cupboard and I enjoyed playing some childhood favourites. We went through known favourites like snakes and ladders, snap and pairs, learnt some new classics like ludo and draughts, and shared those old old games of mine like rings on your fingers.

And Plum enjoying some time with her Pops...or is it Pops enjoying time with Plum?

All in all a lovely family centred day...maybe not that far removed from what we originally planned :)

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