Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Rain on the trees

I cheated this morning. Got up and gave the boys a bowl of cereal each and then went back to bed with Plum. I came down an hour later, having fed Plum and read several stories in bed with Bean and Pumpkin, to find a table scattered with pictures. Bean has been practising using a ruler and drawing zig zag lines free hand. I remember being given such excersises in school on work sheets, it's amazing what children will do when left to manage their own learning and set their own goals. Mastery features heavily in this most recent on slaught of pictures. The straight line and zig zag theme appearing throughout and a large number of pirate boats upon the sea.


Our house: it's copied in upside down!

Pirate ship, with figure head, rudder, sails and pirates.
The stone is stuck on.

We braved walking through the rain to the Family Centre again today for a Play and Stay session. Plum tried out our new sling, which she loved. She had rejected the one we had for Pumpkin but she was very at home in this one and even managed a peaceful sleep. Hurray.
We had friends round for lunch and then some tv time. Bean found a picture version of cbeebies iplayer and choose to try some new programmes. Pumpkin wanted Octonaughts, which seems to make Bean nervous but he said Pumpkin could watch it and he went upstairs to play.
The three of us played several games whilst Plum slept. A magnetic dressing up game and several card games including snap and pairs. I don't think either of them got the hang of pairs although we have played it before they seem to have forgotten completely. I like playing games with them. I imagine some point in the future my children sitting down together and playing board games with each other long into the evening.
Pumpkin took me by the hand at 4.30 and said, 'come to bed mummy.' I find more and more so that when he wants a sleep at home in the afternoon he wants me to sit with him. Quite a mystery as he happily goes to bed on his own at bedtime. He slept until 7 and I thought he would be up with us for the evening but he washed and changed with daddy as usual and had a story or two and went back to bed.
Whilst Pumpkin was asleep and Plum too (again) Bean and I made a decent effort on the conservatory. Bean's contribution was tidying the kitchen so we could play cafes. He made me a delicious lamb, rosemary and tomato stew with a pudding surprise.

The conservatory is arranged and tidy. It needs a good clean and I have my eye on a piece of furniture.

p.s. I watched a video today of the baby breast stroke...amazing.

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