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Our Tribe

Saturday, 14 April 2012

A hard days night

So it's not always by day that we learn. What do I mean by that? I am rapidly realising that home ed has no schedule, it is not something that we do amongst other things that we do, it is in fact the way we live.
Plum 14 weeks smiling at her mummy

A friend of mine posted on FB this week about the transformation she was feeling after her 10 week old slept through the night. By way of comparison, here is how our nights have been this week. This week has been emotionally stressful for the boys which I am attributing to Bean's trip to Grandma and Pop's. He had a lovely time but it obviously took its toll on both Bean and Pumpkin. This has manifest itself in several ways cumulating itself last night.

7.30pm The boys were both in bed 

9.00pm Pumpkin woke: disturbed, cuddles required.
9.30pm I went to bed (some of you might think this is a bit early for a Friday night but you will find out why it has become necessary) 
10.00pm Feed Plum (this takes about 45minutes)
12.00 midnight (Pumpkin wakes: he had lost his pillow (yes, his pillow!)
1.00 am Feed Plum plus some cuddle time as she was a bit unsettled (unusual for her in the night)
3.00am Plum unsettled. More cuddles needed.
4.00am Feed Plum (not sure it was a feed she wanted but the nussle time and milk settled her)
5.00am Pumpkin has wet: change sheets comically in the dark so as not to disturb Bean...
5.10am still changing Pumpkin's bed, Bean has wet. Continue comedy bed change in the dark.
6.00am Plum wakes definitely for a feed.
7.45am Plum wakes to start her day
8,15am I wake up daddy who takes Plum and boys to breakfast and let's me sleep.
(Public declaration of love coming up)
Thank you Daddy, love you x
10.45am I breakfast. 
Pumpkin 3 1/4 enjoying his lunch...as always!

Am I jealous of my FB friend? in that moment I read her post-yes. Anyone who's anyone knows I love my sleep. 
Bean 4 11/12 trying on my glasses

Do I love my children more? absolutely. I am far more concerned of their need for emotional security and the meeting of their physical needs than I am at 'forcing' them to sleep through the night (and I don't mean to imply that that's what my friend has done but I do know there is a school of thought out there that would.) And I also know that without these things in place their learning will be limited. I also know that my day (or should I say, night?) will come, even if not this week/ month/ year. And I also know that my FB friend will discover this too as I guarantee not every night will be a whole one!

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