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Our Tribe

Monday, 16 April 2012

Another manic Monday

We got off to a later start than usual this morning as Bean didn't wake until 7.45 and Plum had had a bad night so we slept a little longer than normal too. Pumpkin had been awake about an hour and after saying goodbye to daddy had obviously spent the time reading through several books downstairs.
We went to our usual Monday haunts. Little Verse in the morning followed by Bean's gymnastics class. Little Verse is an excellent place for all three of our children, starting with some rhymes followed by story and craft. Gymnastics is a relatively new part of our routine but is the only structured class that Bean does. We put it off for nearly a year and tried him with various other pursuits first but he absolutely loves it. You can tell that he isn't used to the structure and formalities though but as it's a home ed class he's not the only one! This was followed by a play in the park. Pumpkin loves the swings and enjoyed watching his shadow swinging with him today. Plum woke up and fed whilst we were there.

Pumpkin and Plum both fell asleep on the 5 minute car journey home. I was expecting Bean to have some TV time whilst he ate his lunch (even though it is 3.30pm by now) but we sat together in a very civilised manner at the table whilst he ate and I snacked. He then did some more pictures which he added to the series of pictures he did yesterday. We also did some house work together and started to clear the conservatory. My aim this week is to make this a usable room for the boys as they have become more interested in doing crafty things, almost on a daily basis, I'd like to make a spot they can use without us having to clear it away for meal times. 

a ladybird
The World - Australia is the large red triangle.
A sunburnt elbow

Pumpkin woke after an hour and a half and asked for the TV on so Bean joined him. They watched various cbeebies programmes including one in gaelic which they often do and doesn't seem to bother them although they are aware they don't know what is being said. They give their own running commentary. 

Bean declared once again today that he wants to have long hair, he asked me, 'how do you cut your hair long?' This will be great to look back on in future years especially as his hair grows outwards rather than falling down. Gravity defiing! 

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