Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Country house

Pumpkin woke very early this morning. It must have been about 6am, which is the earliest he has woke for a long time. By 6.20 both him and Bean were downstairs playing. Poor daddy mumbled something about them always getting up early on the weekend and dragged himself out of bed. I was woken a 7.20am by Plum, who had had a remarkably good night. I have missed a couple of days of posting this week because it is our 9th anniversary. Last night we went out for a meal and at the last minute decided to leave Plum at home too as she fell asleep just as we were about to leave and so giving us a minimum of three hours before she would wake. As it happened she slept for nearer six hours which is the longest stint she has done for over a month. She then woke and only had half a feed and has continued to only have half a feed at every feed today. Definitely rocking to her own tune.

The boys had some magnetic toys out this morning and in between a lot of negotiating and discussion Bean built some great designs and shapes including, 'the school where you [mummy] used to work,' 'the cross where Jesus died,' 'a wonky house.' Pumpkin was experimenting with how many ball-bearings he could lift on one magnetic stick.  

The National Trust had free entry into some of its sites this weekend so we took the opportunity to visit Polesden Lacey. I used to work up that way and have heard lots of good things about it. We packed a picnic and headed off after church. At the entrance there was a special tent filled with activity ideas for the children to do and free binoculars to borrow. They had a range of ideas for different ages and interests and all of them seemed quite open ended and flexible, no right or wrong answers just observing and collecting. I picked up an activity for the boys but as is often the way they weren't overly interested. They like to find their own way around places and exhibitions, however they are often useful for me as a guide for what to look out for that I can point out to them! Shortly after our picnic an enormous rain cloud rolled up. We dodged the rain showers by looking round the house. The boys were particularly fascinated by the working gramophones, the bathrooms, and the children's Edwardian dressing up clothes.

But what I really wanted to see were the gardens and grounds. There were tulips everywhere but due to a number of factors including the rain and the wind, which Plum was not enjoying in the sling, and Plum wanting a feed and the boys being really over tired, we didn't get to see much of the grounds. I did get to see a tree creeper however.

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