Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Friday, 7 September 2012

Walking on Sunshine

Back to reality...

Today we are still in recovery mode from our holidays and took a short trip to Southwater Country Park, what a fabulous idea. We spent a happy 4 hours there, paddling in the lake, eating lunch, checking out the play area, walking the circuit and eating ice-cream.

The best part was watching Bean's growing confidence in everything. He paddled in up to his thighs with no hesitation and stripped down naked to dry off in between dips (something he never would have done 2 months ago) and giving the death slide a go even if it was only after Pumpkin had tested it out first! 

We counted the boys pennies this morning and worked out that they had enough for one small ice-cream between them, I gave them the money for a second one.

Plum didn't sleep until 2.30pm! and then only had an hour so has gone to bed happily at 7 this evening with Bean shortly after. Pumpkin is staying up and doing a bit more of his knitted scarf for Mandavil and watching my favourite baking programme with me.

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