Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I want to ride my bicycle

Tuesday 11th September

Lots of @home time today. Read some books and more books and more books and cycled to the library this afternoon to get even more books!

Bean and Pumpkin spent the morning making things out of jenga bricks again, interspersed with making models from lego and taking video recordings on my phone. 

Pumpkin dressed as The Snowman
During our cycle ride the boys played a game of trying to get as close to a squirrel as they could without it running off, Pumpkin won.

I lost the boys for the first time ever today. We've come pretty close before but this was the real deal. We came out of the library and went two different paths around a tree. I assumed they had cycled on ahead and not waited as is protocol and I walked to catch them up. When I finally got to a place where we have to cross the road and they weren't there I knew that I had missed them, possibly they had been hiding. I walked all they way back to the library and found the boys waiting inside. Thank God. I was so grateful that they had stayed together and returned/ stayed in the library. They weren't phased at all although they were aware that it wasn't a pleasant situation and it transpired that they had turned around and not seen me following them so had gone back to find me. All's well.

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