Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

That's the way to do it!

Wednesday 8th August

Inspired by our recent puppet making interest I took the children to Worthing Museum to see their Punch and Judy exhibition. I was not disappointed  by their enthusiasm! They loved looking at the different collections of Punch and Judy puppets and Bean asked me to read to him the information about the development of Punch and the different Punch's in different countries. The boys both had a turn at giving a puppet show although Pumpkin seemed a little scared when it was his turn to be the audience.

Doris and Marg


We took a look around the rest of the museum. Pumpkin was fascinated by the bones of a saxon women and the articles she was buried with. Bean wanted to know where her skin was. It turned into quite the conversation about death and dying and decay, a conversation I know some people avoid with their children but we're taking the approach that death is part of life and if we can talk about it now in the abstract then this will help when it becomes a more personal experience and it happens to someone closer to home (than a Saxon woman!) Of course, talking about the process doesn't address the emotion of it.

The boys were very taken with the sculptures made from parts especially as they could identify some of the metal objects.

Our outing was topped and tailed with incorporating the sleeping bags into the 'daddy and brother' game and then being cowboys sleeping in the wilds. More sticking adventures have been had by Bean and several braclets made for each family member. 

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