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Our Tribe

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Go to sleep

Monday 30th July

After a manic morning packing and doing all those other household jobs that need to be done we headed off to gymnastics where again Bean was the only participant. Today he walked backwards on the beam, did a forward roll on the beam, took a turn on the bars and bounced on the trampoline, amongst other things. 
After this we headed of to FA#1 house to spend the remainder of the day with cousin B and stay the night. 
We watched the men's gymnastics and the diving on the television and played at giving them scores. 
There was lots of lego making and book reading going on. 

The journey there had given Pumpkin a huge afternoon sleep and consequently he was up till after 10. He is actually much more pleasant company after having an afternoon nap but usually only takes one if he's in the car, it does always mean that he's up late though when he has slept. 
Bean went to bed as normal but ventured downstairs after half an hour because he was lonely and even though he knew he was tired he preferred to stay with company until he was literally falling asleep and then I took him upstairs about 9. Bean likes his sleep and although he likes to be up between 6 and 7am he is always in bed between 7 and 8pm even if he has had a sleep in the day so to be up this late especially after the super late night on Saturday (11.30pm) will tire him out. 
Plum went to sleep about 7pm and then woke at 9pm but soon settled after nursing. We had a whole bed to ourselves which was nice and I think we both enjoyed the cosyness.

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