Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Sunday, 5 August 2012

1066 and all that

Friday 3rd August

After yesterdays 9 eggs on the floor moment, Pumpkin dropped his boiled egg on the floor today. A divine moment as it gave rise to the discussion about the breaking habits of cooked and uncooked eggs. 

We spent the day with a friend in Battle. It is a friend that I haven't seen for over 10 years but she has just had a baby girl and it has given us good reason to meet up. The boys enjoyed playing with a whole bag of new toys and exploring the garden. We went to the local park which was further than we're used to especially for a late afternoon walk but Pumpkin managed to walk all the way there and back again pushing dolly in his buggy. The play equipment was different to our normal haunts which was great and the boys enjoyed the new possibilities. Plum suffered a little as she had a sleep whilst at the park and then woke hungry as we left. We had to frog march to my friends house so I could feed her as there were no benches or pit stop places on route.

Being in Battle ignited a whole barrage of questions from Bean about why it was called Battle and I was surprised at how much accurate information I was able to recall from my school days especially as history was low down on my list of interesting subjects.

The journey home was a little long, thanks to the enormous detour I took but thankfully all the smalls were asleep.

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