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Our Tribe

Friday, 6 July 2012

A Rose by any other name

Thursday 5th July

We said goodbye to Km today but before she went we managed to fit in a game of pirates, hiding treasure around the house and going in search of it, dressed up and cutlass in hand. Bean also built a train track and we managed two breakfasts.

Plum had had another disturbed night, waking every two hours. She is starting to take in some of the food she is playing with and I'm wondering if her stomach and digestive system are in shock! But you can never be 100% sure, it might be a growth spurt or just the need to find mummy.

After saying goodbye to Km and dropping her off at 9am, fav Auntie #3 has come to play. We took her to one of my current favourite places, Nyman Gardens. Today's children exploration included a flower spotting quiz which both the boys took up and a flower art creation which I have collected the pieces for and hope to complete with the boys later. We explored many a flower, leaf and tree and ran around the rose garden whilst mummy and fa#3 collected handfuls of fallen rose petals. The aroma was overwhelmingly delightful.
The house as always was beautiful and both the boys were able to recount the story of the burning roof. They have a great game for the children, 'find foxy' which is as simple as it sounds. The staff regularly move a toy fox around the house and you have to find him. It originates from the days of the last owner who played it with visiting children of family members. It's a great way of getting the boys to look at each room and discover a multitude of other things along the way. 
We also managed to explore some new areas and found a round house, where the boys climbed trees, swept the floor, spied on passers-by and played mummy's and daddy's. Pumpkin was the daddy, got the breakfast and swept the floor.

The rest of the afternoon was helped along by some I player and fa#3 going for a walk with Plum. I managed to squeeze in making the dinner, baking snacks, and cheese scones. Daddy surprised us by arriving home early and we all had dinner together. This was followed by some playing in the garden with fa#3 and daddy bathing Plum. I was suddenly childless! Plum has been continuing her food journey and has been enjoying the smell, taste and texture of nectarines, plums, porridge, soup, celery, sausage and chicken.

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