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Our Tribe

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I hear thunder

spot the mistake

Bean took this photo

Geese in a hurry

Our first attempt at rolling down a hill

Plum enjoying a feed
What a day!We drove to Leeds Castle again today to meet fav auntie #2. We checked the weather before we went. It looked questionable but reasonable ie. cloudy, sunny and a few showers. With this in mind I packed fleeces, socks, wellies, raincoats, and spare socks, all for the boys. 

The car journey there was great. Bean got the maps out again and I showed him where we were before setting of and he directed me all along the green road to the blue road. I got warnings of every round-a-bout and bridge and it was a real eye opener into what he has been absorbing during all our previous discussions involving maps. He also said 'I want to live in Horsham, it's so fun and my children will love it.' Brilliant. Not only does he appreciate the town in which he lives, he is also considering where his children would enjoy living, very thoughtful.

It wasn't long after we arrived that Pumpkin mentioned his foot hurt. FA#3 took a look and burst out laughing. We all had a close look at his feet and discovered that he had literally two left feet! The worst part of it is that I checked the sandals on his feet before we left. He decided then that wellies would be better.

We walked up to the castle a different route today and spent more time running than observing the gardens. The gaggle of geese intrigued the boys as they were hurrying very determinedly in one direction. We talked about where they had started out from and where they were heading and why.

We went into the castle today which I don't remember going in before but FA#3 said that it has changed alot and has more to see. The boys picked up a costume spotting quiz which they loved and they really enjoyed looking at all the armoury and weaponry. I'm glad we have membership or annual tickets for these places as we do speed around them sometimes and repeat visits mean we get to see different parts on each visit.

Lunch included some fun with an inquisitive peahen (and rather cheeky, I thought.) 

FA#3 had a deadline today and we planned to have a play on the play area and then a quick wizz around the maze. FYI you cannot have a quick wizz around this maze. I went in with the boys and FA#3 sat with asleep  Plum. We got completely lost and spent half an hour wandering around, our only point of reference were the various shaped puddles!

The thunder began to roll and we could see the rain coming. The boys had already decided a train ride back was on the agenda so we headed to the pick up point. FA#3 waited for the train and I started to walk as the train is not buggy friendly. I walked the train route as it's direct but unfortunately through the open grounds. The rain game, spotting and spitting, the rain came splotting and splatting and then the rain came sideways and torrential (imagine someone throwing a bath tub of water at you.) I took temporary shelter under a canvas sheet but as the rain was blowing sideways this wasn't much use. The train stopped to collect us poor souls but as the buggy is not compatible with the train I had to walk on, although the rain had calmed a little. 

The end result was that the boys didn't need any of the spare clothing I had taken with us and I drove home with no trousers on. The rain continued on the drive home, the motorways were no faster than 30 mph and like driving through a river. When we got closer to home it became apparent that our home land was dry as a bone and hot and sunny! Wouldn't have swapped it though. Love days out with my sisters.

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