Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Jumping straight in

We have entered a lovely rhythm during the summer holidays and as we move into september i am hoping to keep it going, even if only for a short time before the warm weather ends and autumn draws near. So, our week normal includes, a trip to fisher's farm, a day out or possibly two somewhere, one gymnastics class, a trip to town primarily to the library, a couple of play dates with friends, and at least one At Home Day and a whole bunch more of whitespace for relaxing or playing or ongoing crafts/lego/minecraft etc.

Today we went to fisher's farm. It was raining. The type of rain that is non commital. More like various forms ot wet air. The type that, once you've been in it for a couple of hours, you suddenly find yourself soaked to the bone. In short, we got wet. But during the process, bean, 10, went on the skyfall for two hours today. The second hour he jumped for the first time from 6m. He has been up to the platform and back down again many times since the attraction was installed but today was the day that he jumped, andi got his first jump on camera too. He then spent the next hour jumping from 6m. He also went on the tube tabogan and took pippin, 2, with him. Pumpkin, 8, enjoyed the octopus ride and spent 30 minutes on that and played in the sandpit with pippin and went on the rube tabogan too. Plum, 5, rode the carosel with pippin and rode the go karts with bean. She also instigated the crazy golf round that we all played together and had a pony ride today. Pippin also had a pony ride.

Plum also made a card and a bead necklace for a friend's birthday tomorrow and we delivered it.  Bean and pumpkin did a bath challenge and took a bath fully clothed.

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