Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Happy Loud

We are somehow in the midst of a really busy few weeks. It began last Thursday with our first gymnastics session after the summer holidays. Our friends S and E met us there and then came home with us for 24 hours. It was Happy Loud and everyone went to sleep later than they should have and were up earlier than they should have been too but they were all so happy to see each other and play.

After they had left on Friday lunch time we began getting ready for our evening. Plum, 5, and pippin, 2, got dressed up in their Elsa outfits. We drove pudding and booster seats to church, then drove to Crawley to meet daddy, Plum, 5, and Pippin, 2, stayed with daddy for the evening. They got a McDonald's together and went to an outdoor cinema viewing of Tangled and met Elsa whilst they were there.
Bean, 10, and Pumpkin, 8, and mummy got the train back home. We ate fish and chips and waited at the church for SGS who collected the boys and took them home and stayed with them for a few hours until mummy and daddy seperately made their way home. Everyone was later to bed than normal, again.

Saturday, bean and Pumpkin spent the afternoon with their friend O. Mummy and daddy went to the play park with Plum and Pippin. Followed by church on Sunday.

Monday was a legoland fantastic day. Daddy came too. Pippin was above the minimum height requirement and she enjoyed the turning, rocking pirate ship and the rollercoaster the best, she went on both several times. Bean and pumpkin are now above the maximum height restriction and can ride all the rides solo. They rode the log flume with daddy for the first time this visit. Bean rode the rapids for the first time too. They enjoyed the new lego ninjago 4d ride and the driving school area. Plum tried the rides with pippin. She enjoyed the pirate ship and the train that went in circles. She liked the submarine and driving school.

Today is tuesday and we are finally taking a rest day.

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