Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Friday, 14 July 2017


Mostly today was gymnastics and nerf wars and jumangi. We were actually a few minutes early for gymnastics too. Not bad for the final session of the term. Pippin, 2, busied herself with climbing the guard rails and walking along the squash court seating areas, jumping down the steps, she ate lunch and we drew a few family pictures together. Plum, 5, left her bag on the grass verge next to the car so after driving back home via the butchers we did a quick u-turn and returned to the lesuire centre. The bag had been given in to reception.

Tea and biscuit bŕeak was required when we got home.

This was followed by a nerf war. Pippin hasn't quite got the hang of not running into the shooting zone so it was a bit fraught at times. There is now an elaborate set up required which has developed over the last few weeks of playing. There are barracades and set hiding spots, den building and base points. There is also a sequence to game play, attack and defense procedures.

We watched Jumangi whilst eating dinner. Daddy and the smalls had watched it last week and they were keen to show it to me. It was 8.45pm before we began tidying up the nerf forts and food and plates and other toys but everyone helped. Daddy was out for the evening so bedtimes were solo mio. Pippin first, breastfed and sleep, plum next with Bible story and prayers and then she lay in bed whilst i read stories with Bean (who is currently listening to treasure island with daddy at bedtimes), back to plum to cuddle whilst she went to sleep and then i said goodnight to pumpkin at about 11pm and i went to bed. Daddy was home shortly after.

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