Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

7 is perfection

Wednesday: We went out to meet friends at Southwater Country Park and played in the heat of the dinosaur park. Pippin, 2, was improved but remained cuddly. Our time was brief as it was hot and bean, 10, and pumpkin, 8, were adjitated and fighting each other. We spent the rest of the day hiding in cool spots around the house, settled each doing their own thing. Playing doll's house, napping, watching films, playing the amazing frog.

Thursday was gymnastics day followed by a picnic in tilgate park. The children played in the woods and on the play area with friends. Plum, 5, and her friend found a frog . Pippin felt much better and played and played and played. Pumpkin found a friend and played zombie games together with bean, fighting and chasing and acting like zombies.

Friday we went to town and bought birthday presents and spent pocket money on toys and silly string and got new dresses for plum. Plum and pumpkin and pippin played with the new pizza play dough set at home and they all played silly string in the garden.

We went to a friend's Harry Potter birthday party. Plum painted clay owls and pippin coloured a werewolf finger puppet, there was a pinata and pass the parcel and food and a treaure hunt game and flying on broomsticks. Everyone was happily exhausted, the journey home was epic and pippin fell asleep for the night.

Sunday was church day, daddy was preaching so we all went together. R from church came over to play for the afternoon. There was a lot of creative kitchen using the cherries from the garden and dress up and nerf and knights tornaments. We saw a hoglet out with mrs tiddywinkle in the evening.

Monday was a home day. The four smalls all played the same game for five hours: piling every duvet and pillow and beanbag in the house on the sofa and sitting on the top of them and sliding off. We ended the day by watching Swallows and Amazons.

We began the day by watching Swallows and Amazons. And tuesday we went to Fisher's Farm. It was raining on and off but this didn't seem to deter anyone. We began indoors but only briefly. We played on the slides, the go karts, the bouncy pillows, bumper boats, carosel, squirrel scramble, toddler tractors, sand pit, cannons, tractor ride, and pony rides.

This week we are mostly packing for our first camping trip of the year. Lots of laundry and cleaning of camping equipment ready for our holiday next week.

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