Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Friday, 2 June 2017

Turn around

I was slightly nervous about today's adventures, after yesterday's unsuccessful trip out. However, it was, in fact, super amazing.

We began the day with Plum, 5, and Pippin, 2, playing dogs and schools and running around the house and garden. They had the dollies out too and were dressing them and pushing them around in the house. At one point Pippin was attempting to take the scooter up the stairs. They hung the laundry up with me and fed the animals. They had a very busy morning.

Bean, 10, and Pumpkin, 8, watched scoobydoo (again) and Bakugan and played minecraft together. Bean got out the hotglue gun to stick a plastic snake to his tablet cover. He tried it three or four times but it wouldn't work. The hotglue would not stick to the cover. He realised that he could make things with the hotglue using the cover and then peel it off. He made an emoji for Pumpkin, a poo emoji for daddy, and a tellytubby for Plum and Pippin, he made mummy a heart. He used the marker pens to colour them in and Pumpkin came and had a go too.

After lunch we went out to meet FA#1 and cousinB at Sheffield Park. Bean got everyone's drinks ready. This is the third time we have been to Sheffield Park. The first time we went into the grounds and Pumpkin was nervous about the ponds. The second time we ate lunch in the picnic area in the car park and climbed the trees and then came home. Today we made it to the playtrail in the woods. We spent over an hour watching all the children making a huge den, complete with outdoor fire with fire guard, indoor seats, sofa, and bed.

After this we found a pub and went and ate out. I had mentioned that we would have battered sausage as we had originally planned to meet at a beach. FA#1 broke the news to Pumpkin and they agreed that next time we would go to a chip shop. The pub we found had a play area and did a children's menu including ice cream. It was all good. Bean got Harry Potter trivial pursuit cards as his birthday present from FA#1 so we played that in the pub garden whilst we waited/ate food.

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