Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Bean, 10, made himself scrambled eggs for breakfast. He decided he didn't want to feed the animals today because Charlie is gone (Charlie was his pet) and he had a little cry. He watched Bakugan and decided that that is what he would pike to do his next project showcase on, he came up with a few ideas and i contributed with a few more, some better received than others. Bean then made batter with me so that we could have battered sausage for lunch.

Pumpkin, 8, and mummy played terreria today. I died a lot. He showed me his pet museum and and gave me a tour of the world and showed me his outfits. It was pumpkin's suggestion to have battered sausage and it seems to have been successful and well received by everyone except pippin. In the evening he drew Native American face designs onto plum's face and a heart onto pippin's face with felt tip pen.

Plum, 5, and pippin, 2, played role play together. They were walking the dog on his lead. Plum organised her bedroom bits today and seperated her hair ties from her nail varnish and jewellry. She put them into her hello kitty case. She also played dolls's house today and played cbeebies games online.

Pippin watch madagascar twice and toy story with woody and she got the toy story puzzles out. She did some colouring and pippin had a bath with plum in the evening.

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