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Our Tribe

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Happy 10th Birthday Bean

Bean turned 10 on Wednesday, which seems rather significant, moving into double figures. Not for the first time, we were on holiday on his actual birthday. We celebrated with a pokemon birthday party, that he organised, at the weekend but we also made his actual day a bit special too.

We began with a swim. The boys are happy and confident now in the water as long as they are not out of depth and Bean is on the verge of swimming a short distance. It occured to me that i might be able to take all four swimming on my own at the right pool. We bought some sinking rings of Bean's choosing so played a lot at picking them up with our feet at holding our breathe with our faces in the water whilst wearing googles.

We went to Pizza Hut for lunch, another day, another pizza for Bean who is currently working his way through comparing margeretta pizzas from different establishments. The children weren't that keen on the garlic bread but the onion rings were devoured.

And then 18 hole crazy crazy golf. Everyone joined in and we had to keep everyone's score.

We enjoyed party tea with party rings, white chocolate oreos, egg mayonnaise sandwiches, skips, and lemon cake, ten green ballons and birthday presents. We got Bean a whittling knife and he got Rouge One, a starwars lego set and story dice from his siblings.

We went to the arcade again in the evening. The boys played the fishing game, splat a minion and crossyroad, acruing more tickets and adding them to the stock pile.

Bean continues to love lego, he loves building things and figuring out how things works. He devours films and he is constantly looking for new films to watch. He likes, action, adventure and comedy films and he enjoys watching the extras and looking them up on youtube for interesting facts about the film or actors or how the film was made, special effects and spotting continuity errors. Harry Potter is still a big feature in his life, currently reading through the books, rewatching the films regularly, collecting cards, quizzing each other on trivia and planning a visit to the studios. He plays computer games on his tablet and pc: the escapists, the sims, minecraft, roblox, age of empires. He enjoys watching cartoon series Pokemon and Power Puff girls, the amazing world of gumball and finding extreme videos on youtube and world record attempts. And his new love this year, playing with his borrowed dog.

And he still golds my hand when we go out walking.

You can read his birth story here.

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