Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Monday, 15 May 2017


We began this week by packing our bgs ready for a three day visit to grandma and pops house, which turned into a two day visit at the last minute. We played lots of games from their games cupboard and each of the smalls took a dvd to watch, we went down to Lepe and played on the play equipment and the beach and ate ice cream. Mostly we climbed trees. There are trees of all shapes and sizes and we tried them all!

We have been party prepping for about two weeks on and off. There has been a lot of drawing and colouring pokeballs and making them from old cds. Bean, 9, drew Pikachu faces on the yellow party boxes and we printed Pokemon pictures and drew a Charmader for 'Pin the tail.' Today we finalised all the bits and pieces and put it all in one box. Bean and Plum helped. Bean then went party food shopping with daddy in the evening. Our involvement as parents in party planning is changing more. Bean has all his own ideas and executes most of them now.

Saturday was party day. 12 children. 6 party games. Food. And lots of playing in the venue garden. It was a relaxed and fun party. And Pumpkin, 8, told me that the cake was amazing and looked like a cake on the front of a cake making book. Bean organised a Pokemon game on his tablet and Pokemon photos, we played pin the tail on Charmander and pass the parcel with Pokemon forefeits inside.

Whilst we were out partying we had a friend come and knock down the fire place brick work so we returned to a house with furniture, fixtures and fittings all the wrong place. Bean, Pumpkin and Plum, 5, all helped to rearrange and return everything to make a new look living room.

Followed by a Sunday of church and relaxing and playing Carcasonne with Bean and watching a film extra late (and mummy and daddy packing for our holiday) And celebrating the first night in over five years where, Pippin slept all night,

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