Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Monday, 24 April 2017

That's no moon

Friday became our second enforced day at home with mummy's bad back.

Bean, 9, and Pumpkin, 8, and i watched Satr Wars 4, Plum, 5, watched Youtube and played in the garden and with the kitchen set.

Bean has taken over the morning feed of the animals this week and fed and watered them every day, often without reminder too.

Plum and Pippin and mummy painted their nails together and braided two plaits in Plum's hair.

Saturday we took a familt trip to plant flowers on nana and grandad's grave. Bean and Plum made a wreath together from willow and plants and flowers from the hedgrow and field.
We spent the day at FA#3 and mostly played in the garden with cousin C and H.

Sunday was church day, our friends renewed their marriage vows and mutual friends came to celebrate too. Plum and daddy took archie for a walk in the afternoon. Pumpkin played the head/ body/leg/feet drawing game with me and bean and pumpkin and i played mastermind together for a while. We watched the original Charlie and the chocolate factory together in the evening.

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