Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Friday, 28 April 2017

Four in a Row

We started this week with a trip to town, visited the library and Bean, 9, ordered some Pokemon books, we searched for a gift for Grandma's birthday and the smalls were all great and finding items that matched the criteria (Pumpkin, 8, found an exact match), we bought a few party supplies for Bean's up and coming birthday party, had our feet measured (eek! Pippin had gone up three and half sizes), bought Pippin a pair of crocks, searched for polysterene balls and came home all in two and half hours. We were stopped by market researchers to ask if we'd like to test a juice drink product in exchange for cash. Bean, being motivated by money, said yes so we are booked in on Saturday.

Tuesday we met friends at Nyman's woods. I have never been into the wood area before and we all loved it. We had a small hic cup leavig as Bean is/was very tired and refused to go. Not a situation that i handled well but i apologised when we arrived and things were instantly better. He was then the one who wanted to stay and play longer than the others. We met with one family and the children made a bridge by pulling fallen tree trunks to one space and laying them out together to form a walkway across the stream. The climbed rocky slopes and caves and sand banks and tree roots and paddled in the water. Bean and i sang 'when the road is rough and steep' on the way back up the rocky hill and dicussed what it means to keep our eyes on Jesus.

We had a home day on Wednesday. Pumpkin and i played a lot of Terreria and roblox together. The big three played roblox together a over an hour. There was lots of drawing going on and playing dollies. I had a phonecall to say my great uncle had passed away and they couldn't get hold of my parents (who were away for a few days) and could i go and sit with my aunt. I spent a long time trying everyone i knew to try and find someone to have the smalls but no one was available. My mum returned my call late afternoon. In the meantime, Pippin and i had dusted and hoovered the living room and Bean, Plum and Pippin had drawn and coloured a mountain of Pokeballs and Pikachu in preparation for Bean's party.

Thursday we were up early, the same time as those on the school run, we were off to Drusilla's with an organised HE trip and daddy came too. Dispite having to wake all the children up they did really well and we had a great day out, as always. Bean is still insistant that we follow the planned and mapped zoo route, plum is a little more keen to go off piste and do the things she loves only. Penguins are still a firm favourite with Bean and we discussed doing the special feed an animal or zoo keeper for a day. Pumpkin especially liked the owls and the new giant anteater which eats 30,000 ants a day (who counted them?) We played for hours in the play areas, indoors and out, rode the safari train (Thomas has been moved on) and rode endlessly on the hello kitty cars with Pippin whilst the other rode the tea cups and then the cars. Lastly, they strupped down and played in the water area, it was about 8°C today. We bought twisted slush puppies for the journey home.

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