Our Tribe

Our Tribe

Wednesday, 4 October 2017


I seem to be managing to post weekly at the moment. Not the plan but it's better than nothing. The problem is that i forget the detail of what the smalls have been up to.

Bean, 10, enjoyed Fisher's Farm with his friends. The tabogan ride, cannons, indoor play, crazy golf, bouncy pillows and waiting all day for skyfall to be open. He took the boomerang out for a spin again on Saturday and Sunday. Monday he had a good go at bowling without the bumpers up and the gaming computer had its first go on in months as it is now fixed. Sims 4 and roblox were the first games to be played. We met friends on tuesday and walked to an abandoned tank where they smalls played for an hour and a half. Bean also got out the dominoes again and attempted to make a run with operating parts. He also made a balloon catapult and telephone set using paper cups and strong.

Pumpkin, 8, is back to full health. Fisher's farm with friends included the tabogan, twin swings, cannons, gold, indoor play, feeding the animals, and bouncy pillows. He had a try at the skyfall by climbing to the first ledge but decided against it. He took his bike out on saturday and played boomerang with bean. He went out with daddy on sunday to play boomerang together. He thrashed us all at bowling on monday and thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the tank to play. He has been on the gaming computer playing roblox and has had his grossery gang out to play on the chess board and pirate ship.

Plum, 5, played all day with her friend V at fisher's farm. They fed the animals and rode the ponies, played in the tree houses, tabogans, bouncy pillows, cannons, twin swings, indoor play, golf, and probably more. She had a great time playing with her cousins C and H. They mostly played small world and role play games. We went to the play park and took a bath together too. Sunday plum went to the green and played boomerang with daddy and did hama beads with both mummy and daddy. Monday she enjoyed bowling with FA#2 and tuesday she rested a lot but also played doll's house with pippin.

Pippin, 3. Pippin is now three. We celebrated on her birthday with a HE trip to Fisher's Farm. She choose all the things she wanted to do. Pony rides, tabogan, feeding and stroking the animals, ice cream, chips, indoor play, tree houses, bouncy pillows, twin swings. After four weeks of not eating she is now eating like a horse! We had a family birthday party on Saturday. FA#1 and FA#3 with cousins C and H came to play. We played pass the parcel and a few other spontaneous games. We went to play pooh sticks and boomerang and to the play park before heading home for more play and dinner and a bath. She had a great birthday.

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